Tuesday, February 01, 2005


If anyone knows what bridge this is, please tell me.  I've forgotten completely.  Its pretty, though.
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Buddhist Temple & Shinto Shrine

In the same park as the Todai-ji this temple sits demurely on a hill with a Shinto shrine in front of it.  More of that peaceful co-existence of 2 religions.
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Cody's Path to Enlightenment is Assured

At the bottom of one of those giant pillars this square hole was cut out.  It is reputedly the same size as the Great Buddah's nostril.  The theory is that if you can squeeze yourself through the Buddah's nostril and into his brain, your path to enlightenment is assured.  Cody, defying all laws of physical matter, went through successfully.  Yay!! 
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Giant Pillar

Another indication of how huge this temple is...it had 10 or 12 pillars of this size supporting the roof.
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The Great Buddah

I saw many large structures and statues in Japan - this was the most impressive.  It weighs over 7 tons (according to Lonely Planet) and is made of bronze.  It has also been here for well over 700 years.  In that time it has weathered earthquakes, invasions and typhoons.  More than once the head fell off.  Now imagine trying to put an enormous Buddah head back on an enormous Buddah body inside a structure that seemed to be built around the statue.  Not much room for maneuvering and, up until recently, no machines with which to lift it.  Incredible!

ps. Sorry its so hard to see - it was seriously dark in there. 

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